Our Dog Runs – Here at Paw Park we have 66 dog runs.  Each run is a spacious 9.75m  long x 2m wide.  Each run has an indoor  and sunny outdoor space with a storm door which can be closed in the event of inclement weather.   All runs have an automatic water bowl for continuous fresh water.

Misting System – For warmer summer months, each run is fitted with a automated misting system to keep our guests cool.

Vaccinations – All dogs must have proof of a current C5 vaccination. Previously unvaccinated dogs must have treatment completed at least 14 days prior to admission. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Bedding – We provide a size appropriate Kuranda Bed.  We also have blankets and fleece pads available, however you may bring your own bedding.

Dietary Requirements – We provide Prime100 Chicken & Vegetable roll which is preservative free and Man’s Best grain free premium dry food.  If your dog has special dietary requirements you may bring your dogs regular food.  The boarding rate is the same regardless of whether you supply your pets food or not.

Treats – If you wish to spoil your pup we have a range of extra snacks and meals available, such as Pupsicles, sardines, kong treats.

Playtime – Weather permitting, dogs get to have individual playtime in our sunny exercise yards each day of their stay. Our yards are fully enclosed within the facility ensuring our guests get to enjoy off lead play time with the security of not leaving the building. Our yards are all laid with K9 turf which gives peace of mind knowing your dogs are playing on a hygienic tick and flea free surface.

Extras – If you would like your canine companion to have something extra during their stay with us we offer a range of extra services such as one on one playtime, an on lead walk around our grounds, private pool, extra treats, scavenger hunts and paw play sessions, just ask one of our staff for more details. Skype sessions are also available so you can see what a great time your pup is having on their holiday.

Grooming – We offer a professional grooming service.  Bathing is done in our K9 dog bath using Fidos shampoo, conditioner and flea and tick rinse. We also offer medicated baths including Maleseb,  Aloveen or an all natural Ivory Coat shampoo and condition with essential oils, which is free from fragrances, parabens, sulphates and dyes.

Dog Admission / Boarding Contract – All of our guests owners are required to read and sign our Boarding Contract and fill out and Admission form prior to boarding.